Ray and Dana - Scotland Run Wedding Photos - Winter Wedding

I am so blessed to have been booked by Dana and Ray. I got to spend the day with such a sweet and loving family. It was a winter wedding at Scotland Run and everything was amazing. Alex, Marlo and Michael from Scotland Run are the perfect team to make sure everything runs smoothly at your wedding. That paired with Connor and Neil from 18 Mile Productions doing video. Just don’t put lanterns down the center aisle when Connor is around! Ah just kidding buddy.
But Dana and Ray share such a special love for each other. I love reliving that day when looking at these wedding photos. Enjoy the images!

Highlands Mansion Wedding Photos - Alexz and Ranjan - Intimate Wedding

One of things that I love about being a wedding photographer is that each wedding and each couple is so very different. Yes of course I see some of the same things over and over again. Like omg I hear the same 5 Ed Sheeran songs at every wedding lol. And every speech begins with “for those of you who don’t know me”. But There are always elements that are unique for each wedding. Alexz and Ranjan’s wedding was so unique and so much fun. First I met up with Alexz at the David Arnold Hair Salon in Jenkintown PA. They were super awesome! Then we all went over to the Normandy Farms hotel where I captured the girls and the guys getting ready. We then had our first look and family portraits at Normandy Farms. They do weddings at the hotel too and its beautiful there. But our ceremony was at a very cool spot called Highlands Mansion. Dude what an awesome place. Alexz had tried to describe it to me but it was more amazing then I had thought. They kept the ceremony intimate with just family being present. We planned the ceremony so that we could catch the sunset, and it was spectacular! Afterward we had a big party at the Bluebell Inn. Check out the photos and let me know what you think. If youre getting married I would love to be your wedding photographer. Especially if you’re super awesome like Alexz and Ranjan. Have an great day!

Mario and Noelle - Wedding Photos - Camden County Boathouse NJ

I am so flippin excited to share these photos with you all!!!!

So you know when you meet a family that you just want to be around all the time? That’s the Giordano family. My family has known them for years and everytime that I interact with them in anyway, I just want to spend more time with them. They are awesome! I kind of consider myself to be their family photographer ha. From weddings, to a sweet sixteen, to portraits I’ve been there with them. I’ve only just recently met Noelle’s family and friends but they already seem awesome. Now it is time to share the next chapter of the story with you!

Mario and Noelle are an infectious couple. Their relationship makes you want to try harder at your own. They can’t be without each other for a moment. They are only happy when the other is happy. And they are adorable to watch together. Their wedding day was so much fun. The guys got ready at Mike and Gorgianne’s house and they got a pizza delivered. The girls had the preparations at the Crowne Plaza. I think it took all 8 girls to get Noelle’s dress fastened lol. Their ceremony was so sweet and beautiful. I’ve never cried so much. It poured rain but that didn’t stop them from having a very special day.

Mario and Noelle, may God bless you and keep you forever. Congrats!

Venue - Camden County Boathouse

Hair and Makeup - Melanie Rae Artistry http://www.melanieraeartistry.com

Special thanks to my team member Bonnie Wireback for shooting next to me that day. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Kaitlin and Joey's Wedding - Pleasantdale Chateau - West Orange, New Jersey

I have been brimming with excitment to show you all of these images. Weddings can be very unpredictable, but Kaitlin and Joey's was perfect in every way! Everything from hair and make up, to the wonderful attentive staff at Pleasantdale Chateau was great. We could not have asked for a more amazing day. Some of my favorite parts were Kaitlin's getting ready pictures and the groomsman portraits. They know how to have fun! 

Thank you to my second shooter Bonnie for her amazing images. 

Enjoy the images! Let me know what you think in the comments.